The Journey Begins

Welcome to my musings and random thoughts and, of course, the stories.  I’m still working out how this works, so I don’t know how often it will get updated, but I wanted to a place to put down some of the words that constantly circle through my brain.  Hopefully someone else will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.  Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Johnny Cash Rocks – Can I get a Witness?

I have always loved Johnny Cash. His “country” makes country music cool when so much of it now-a-days is trash. Whenever I’m depressed, I listen to Cash. When I’m in the mood for soul, I listen to Cash. When I need a pick-me-up, I listen to Cash. Not that everything can be answered with Johnny Cash, but… Wait, yeah, it probably can.

Seriously though, my playlist has other music on it, and you’re probably gonna look at my list and say “What?!” because it’s a weird mix. The most important part though is that each song speaks to my soul in a different way. When I need to drown out the world, this is where I go.

This is my main play list which I supplement with other Johnny Cash, depending on how I feel at the time. Sometimes I loop a particular song. When I’m writing I tend to loop Sail. You can blame my son for the nightcore songs. He doesn’t like super slow songs. He even listens to nightcore versions of Johnny Cash (ugh – sacrilege, plus it sounds terrible). I don’t normally listen to Miley, but I like this one (lyric version only – OMG you can’t unsee the other one though) and her Jolene duet with Dolly Parton. Newest find by Johnny is called “One” and was an original by U2 I think. No idea how I never heard that one until now.

Sometimes you just need the guitar and Johnny, and sometimes you need to get your heart beating to Sail and Castle of Glass to feel alive.

If anyone wants to share your favorite song(s), put in the comment section and I’ll give it a shot.

Ficlets – Something More

Sooo, I was perusing my collection of poetic scribbles and came across some writing I dubbed “Ficlets”. For those of you who don’t know, Ficlets are super short pieces of fiction. By that I mean, less than a chapter really, and consisting mostly of dialogue. Action is written as a parenthetical phrase, in bold text, to separate it from the dialogue. Facial expressions are denoted by asterisks, also written in bold text. Now that’s it’s all clear as mud… I promise it will all make sense when you read the first one.

FYI, this is not Regina/Emma/Jamie content. This is waaaay before I discovered that series and/or pairing. This is back when I was watching NCIS (the original) because, let’s face it, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is just freaking hot (I can’t resist a silver-haired man in uniform).

Anyhow, let’s see – disclaimer and all that…

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the NCIS characters; I am just borrowing them for the ficlets.  May contain spanking or reference to spanking.

Now, on with the show. NCIS Ficlets

Poetry – To Post or Not To Post

Seriously, though – I’ve been thinking about digging through some old stuff of mine and putting it up here. Poetry, that is. I used to write poetry a lot in high school and college (you can guess the quality level as you like, I won’t be hurt). Some after, but it was always for myself because I never thought anyone would feel the same way I did. Now I know different. And, after reading some of the stuff put up by Woodsy (you gotta check out his poetry, it’s awesome – I’ll add a link at the end), I decided I needed to put up my poetry, even if it’s still just for me. But, if someone, even one person, enjoys it, or it resonates with them, then it will have been worth it.

So, I’m going to add a page for poetry which I promise I will populate with my scribbles soon.

And now the link to Woodsy’s blog – https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com/

Halfway There

Can you believe it’s June already. I’m still working on writing, but with this whole stay-at-home thing going on, and my hubby working from home, it’s hard to fine some uninterrupted “me” time where I can sort through my thoughts and get them out of my brain and onto paper, so to speak. I still plan to post some stuff here, but I am also working on a couple of projects that I want to get self-published through Amazon. Of course, I have to finish the original writing first and then figure out how to convert from “Once Upon A Time” because I can’t seem to drag myself away from their characters. So, for anyone who is following this, you will know its based on Regina/Emma/Jamie and other characters from the show, and who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to figure out who is who.

Heartfelt prayers for everyone who has lost someone. Stay safe and know that this too shall pass.

New Years Resolution

Well, I made a New Years Resolution to write something every day, and so far I think I’ve done fairly well. Unfortunately, there are soooo many writing ideas running amok in my head that it’s hard to stay focused on just one thing. On the flip side, I get a lot of random scenes written down that I can possibly use later. And, as I mentioned before, I suck at bringing a story to a close most of the time, which means I have several projects that are almost there. If I can just wrap up the ending, I could finally get them posted. I will get it done though, I know I will. It’s just hard waiting for the words to manifest themselves the way I want.

I feel like I need compartments in my brain – beginning, middle, ending – where I can let my story marinate until the right words and scene present themselves. Then, when it’s all baked to perfection, I pop it out and write it all down. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. I have faith though. I will finish what I have started, and when I do, we can all enjoy the fruits of my labor.

And hopefully they taste like blueberry muffins, or chocolate chip cookies, or something else really decadent, like raspberry swirl chocolate mocha cheesecake.

Followup to “Two/Three”

I almost have my next installment done, called “Snow and Angels”, which is a followup to my Christmas story. It will primarily feature Regina and Jamie, but include a bit of Emma, and an introduction to Henry, Emma’s son who is away at university. There’s a couple more one-shots in the works that don’t have specific time-lines and can be read in any order.

On another note, I’m re-entering the programming world by learning REACT. It’s as interesting as it is different from what I’ve done before, but not so different that I can’t figure it out. My son and I are working on it together as alternative to college/university. He’s not a fan of busywork (aka school), and would rather learn something he can make a career of.

Stay tuned for some new stories and “ficlets” to be posted soon. A “ficlet” is a term I coined that refers to creative writing that is not long enough to be considered a story. In my case, it’s almost entirely made up of dialogue that I wrote when I was seriously into NCIS, because who doesn’t like a hot, silver-haired fox like Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Anyway, I’ll probably make a separate page linking all my ficlets.

Happy New Year – Enjoy.

Yes! I finally got a story put up.

So, I finally got a finished story put up on the site. See my only link (for now) under my writing page. I’ll be adding a links page eventually. That’s actually one of the things I want to get done this month.

This is all in relation to my New Years Resolution, which is to get more projects finished. My biggest hurdle in writing is bringing things to a close. I’m great at beginnings, fairly decent at the details in the middle, horrible at wrapping things up, which is why I have probably close to two dozen projects in limbo.

One of the things that will help this process is my husband going back to work. He took two months off to chill and work on his honey-do list after a very long, annoying contract that was burning the candle at both ends. Anyway, now that he’s headed back to work, I will have less distractions during the day. I say less because I still have a seventeen-year-old living at home and being home schooled.

That being said, my intention is to write something every day, even if it’s just a chapter or a new story prompt, even if I have to go back and edit some really old projects.

So, if you like my Christmas story and want to see more, feel free to drop me some encouragement and maybe I’ll work on some one-shots for the site.