Two is good. Three is better.

Jamie folded her arms over her chest and glared at Regina across the breakfast dishes littering the kitchen counter. Her foot tapped angrily in the silence, and the small, thin vein running through her forehead pulsed in synchronicity.

“Damn it, Regina! This isn’t fair. You promised to take me Christmas shopping today.”

“And I will, baby girl, after my meeting with the city council.”

Regina spoke evenly and firmly, without raising her voice, preferring not to indulge her brat’s budding tantrum. As much as she didn’t want to leave Jamie at home alone, she didn’t have much choice. Her wife, Emma, was currently on patrol, and there was no way she was letting Jamie ride along. The two girls together, unsupervised, were an accident waiting to happen.

Jamie huffed and kicked lightly at the wall of the cabinet. “How long are you going to be gone? Maybe I could meet you at the Diner?”

Regina shook her head sharply. “Absolutely not, and don’t kick the furniture, dear. I shouldn’t be more than an hour, maybe a little more. Read a book while you wait, or you may watch TV, but you are not to leave the house, barring a life-or-death emergency.”

Jamie stomped her foot and scowled. “Reginaaa.”

Regina arched an eyebrow at her brat’s whiny tone. “Don’t start with me, baby girl, unless you want to spend the next ten minutes with your nose in the corner.”

Jamie chewed her bottom lip then deliberately stomped her foot again. “Now you’re just being mean. I’m not a child, Regina, and I won’t let you…”

“You won’t let me what? Put your nose in a corner when you’re acting like a brat? Take you over my knee and spank you like you obviously need?”

Regina arched an eyebrow as Jamie swallowed hard and dropped her gaze. She placed a hand on her hip and nodded knowingly.

“Oh, I get it. You think if you act bratty enough, I’ll have to take time out to spank you and miss my meeting.” Her eyes narrowed. “Sorry, baby girl, it won’t work. The meeting doesn’t start until I get there. All this gets you is a sore bottom and a later start to our day.”

Jamie whimpered as Regina took her by the arm and directed her to the hated corner with a firm pat to her bottom. She wanted to kick the corner and stomp her foot again, but she knew that was a short path to a sore bottom, and she wasn’t that desperate for Regina’s attention, yet.

“Ten minutes, baby girl, and I want you to think about whether you really want to go down this route or not. I promise I will be back after my meeting, and we will go shopping. If we have time, maybe we can get lunch at the Diner.”

Jamie sighed to herself, her shoulders slumping dejectedly as the front door closed behind Regina. Shoving her hands in her pockets, she closed her eyes and tried to avoid thinking about her predicament. It wasn’t that she doubted the older woman’s promise. Regina always kept her word, no matter how difficult the circumstances. No, this was about feeling neglected, something that always happened around the holidays, and something for which they had no solution at present.

Jamie waited out her ten minutes, her feelings of hurt continuing to grow as she stewed in her anger. She knew it was irrational, and not something Regina was doing on purpose, but she couldn’t help how she felt. Tears dripped unchecked as she finished her breakfast then cleaned up the kitchen. After putting away the last of the clean dishes, she wandered about the house in a funk, uninterested in either reading a book or watching TV.

After wandering about the house for a fruitless ten minutes, Jamie came to an abrupt stop in front of the basement door. She licked her lips in nervous anticipation and reached for the doorknob. Before her hand even touched the metal, she felt a slight tingle, almost like a low-level electric shock. She scowled. Of course it would be locked magically. She wasn’t supposed to go down there on her own, but rationality was over-rated, and besides, what Regina didn’t know wouldn’t hurt either one of them.

Jamie rubbed her hands together nervously as she slowly reached out toward the doorknob again, her own magic gently probing the locking spell.

“Come on, Jamie, you can do this.” She muttered to herself. “Nice and easy, like a warm knife through butter. Find the loophole and exploit it.”

She yelped softly as the locking spell nipped her fingers. “Come on, Jamie, think. There’s always a loophole. You just need to find it.”

After a couple more probes into the lock resulted in singed fingertips, she gave up on trying to circumvent the lock and began looking at the door instead. Her eyes took on a faraway look as she realized only the door was warded and not the wall on either side. Slowly and carefully, and with an infinite amount of patience, Jamie slowly separated the wall from the door, warping the wood into an opening just large enough for her to slip through. Drunk on success, she failed to notice the magical alarm that was set off as she crossed the threshold into Regina’s private sanctum.

“Oh. My. God.” Jamie muttered as she stared around the room in complete amazement.

Not only had she stumbled into Regina’s private sanctum, but apparently the Mistress and Emma had a fully outfitted playroom, what some might call a dungeon. On the opposite wall, prominently displayed, was a Saint Andrews cross, and to its left was a spanking bench. There were the usual items hanging from the wall – whips, paddles, floggers, but what really drew Jamie’s attention was the thin, black riding crop resting on the white bedspread, almost as if it had been waiting for her.

“See something you like?”

Jamie whirled around and her eyes widened in surprise, her heart beating erratically as the purple smoke from Regina’s impromptu poofing slowly dissipated.

“How…? What…? Your meeting… How did you know I was in here?”

Regina chuckled darkly. “You tripped a magical alarm as soon as you crossed the room’s threshold.”

Jamie swallowed hard as she fell to her knees, neck bent in submission. “I’m sorry, Regina. I know I’m not supposed to be here, but I was bored.”

“And perhaps still a little angry?”

Jamie flinched at the accusation, but she couldn’t deny the truth. “Yes, ma’am. I saw the door was locked, and suddenly I was angry at being denied entrance. When I couldn’t get the door unlocked, I decided to try a different approach.”

“Yes, I saw the hole you made. An interesting application of your magic and circumvention of mine, but the bottom line is, you disobeyed me.”

Jamie swallowed hard, and her butt cheeks clenched. “I’m really sorry, Regina. I know I have no excuse.”

“No, you don’t.”

Regina pulled Jamie to her feet then dragged the reluctant young woman over to the bed where she took a seat. It only took a moment to unsnap Jamie’s jeans, just enough time for said naughty, little brat to grab desperately at Regina’s hands.

“Regina, please, no. I said I was sorry. Please don’t do this.”

Regina swatted Jamie’s hands out of the way before pushing the tight, black jeans down to Jamie’s knees. Jamie whimpered and tried to pull away, her pleas falling on deaf ears.


She froze, terrified into immobility at the sound of Regina counting. Nothing good ever came from those numbers falling from her Top’s lips. She shuddered, her hands reaching toward Regina beseechingly.


Jamie gasped softly, forcing herself to move. Throwing herself forward, she willingly placed herself across Regina’s lap, her face buried in her arms, her legs dangling off the edge of Regina’s thigh. A soft hand resting on her panty-clad backside sent knots twisting through her tummy.

Please, Regina. I’m really sorry.”

Her plea was desperate now, and Regina sighed softly to herself. She hated punishing her brat, even if the girl did deserve it.

“I know you are, baby girl, and I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I have to punish you during these Christmas holidays, but you know the rules, and I will not tolerate deliberate disobedience.”

Jamie gulped, and the tears began to fall as Regina commenced turning her brat’s backside a bright shade of red. After twelve hard smacks, Jamie’s panties were pulled down to join her jeans, and Regina continued the cadence of spanks on bare flesh.

SMACK! “I know” SMACK! “you’re upset” SMACK! “with me” SMACK! “about the meeting.” SMACK! “I know” SMACK! “I haven’t” SMACK! “been able” SMACK! “to give you” SMACK! “the proper attention” SMACK! “you deserve.”

Regina tilted Jamie forward and delivered the last two smacks to the crease of flesh where bottom met thigh. Jamie burst into sobs as her Top lowered her leg and let her cry, the hand which had just been raised in chastisement now rubbing soothing circles on her back.

“Acting out is not the way to get my attention, sweetie. I know I’ve been remiss in giving you the spankings you crave and need, and I promise I will do better going forward, but deliberate disobedience will not bring satisfaction, only punishment.”

Jamie sobbed as she crawled up into Regina’s lap and threw her arms around the older woman’s neck. “I know, ma’am, and I’m sorry I disobeyed. I’m sorry I broke your rules.”

Regina dropped a kiss on the top of Jamie’s head and let her hand linger on her brat’s throbbing bottom. The heated flesh called to her, and Jamie trembled in the older woman’s embrace. Just then the door flew open and Emma strode inside, hands immediately going to her hips at the sight of Jamie’s well-punished backside.

“Someone want to tell me why Jamie is sporting a very red bottom?”

Jamie chuckled weakly through her tears as she wiped her eyes. Regina smirked at her wife as she slid backwards on the bed until she rested against the headboard, Jamie’s lithe form still cuddled in her lap. She patted the bed beside her as she leered at Emma’s arching brows.

“Someone was a little needy and decided to start the party early with a little misbehaving, but now that that’s out of the way…”

Emma smirked as she shucked her uniform and joined them on the bed. “Perhaps you should punish me as well, my love. I’m sure there are some Christmas rules I’ve broken as well.”

She waved a hand, summoning the wooden ruler Regina kept in her desk. “Perhaps this will suffice?”

A grin split Jamie’s face as she rested on her stomach and watched Regina paint Emma’s backside with the ruler. When Emma’s bottom nearly matched Jamie’s in intensity and color, Regina threw aside the ruler and pulled both girls into her lap. As they snuggled together in Regina’s arms, their throbbing rear ends barely overshadowing the throbbing between their thighs, Jamie suddenly remembered what had gotten the entire thing started.

“Hey! Whatever happened to going Christmas shopping?”

11 thoughts on “Two is good. Three is better.

  1. Welcome to the holiday exchange, Nicky! This story about tops and brats enjoying the Christmas season was warming on so many levels. 🙂 It was lovely to read about such an affectionate relationship, and the touch of magic was unexpected, when the beginning seemed so “normal”! As one who likes fantasy/sci-fi, I do hope you continue to develop this and we get to read more about the magic in these women’s lives — what kind it is, how and why they have these abilities, etc.It’s got me curious! Thanks again for your gift, and participating in the exchange this year. 😀


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. A lot of my stories are inspired by different fandoms/pairings, and this one comes from a show called “Once Upon A Time”, which I haven’t actually watched. The pairing/ship is Regina Mills and Emma Swan, and of course I added my own original character with liberties on the story line/plot/whatever. More of this pairing/threesome coming, some already in the works (just not finished, lol) which I swear I will get to soon-ish.


  2. Hi Nicky, good to meet you. What a great story. I too loved the touch of magic. The characters melded together beautifully and I thought I recognised the names Regina and Emma. Thank you for sharing this and hope to read more from you. 😊


  3. Look at that, another Swan Queen fan! I knew there were more like me out there, Emma and Regina make quite the perfect TTWD couple, I always thought that. Also, Jamie’s feelings were very relatable. I’m good she got what she needed 😊

    Thank you for your gift!


    1. Thank you for reading. I just love Regina and Emma together. I’m so addicted to Regina’s toppiness, the terror that builds in my stomach every time I read a story that ends up with Emma in trouble.

      More antics to come.


  4. Regina and Emma seem like a perfect TTWD couple! I’ve been meaning to watch “Once upon a Time” and this story makes me really want to start watching, a few episodes at least to start with! Thanks for sharing and happy new year!


  5. wooow! Thank you for this! I adore Regina, and Emma as her partner of course. But The power of that character! Once I started the show, I couldn’t stop! And you portrayed her so wonderfully! I love this and can’t wait to read more!!!


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